South of Tunisia, a hidden beauty

South of Tunisia, a hidden beauty

Nowadays, it has become almost impossible to find unique and natural views because of upward anthropogenic activity. That is why the search for these locations has become a must for most directors and producers in the entertainment industry. Thus, it is essential to talk about one of the most beautiful regions in the world and the least mentioned in the discourse of adventurers, the South of Tunisia or the Tunisian Sahara.

What geographic information should be known about the South of Tunisia?

Southern Tunisia covers more than 2/3 of the area of Tunisia and is inhabited by less than a quarter of its population. Thanks to its originality and the diversity of its infrastructures, the Tunisian Sahara is the ideal region to live extraordinary moments, especially for those who wants to experience filming in Tunisia.

What places can you visit in the South of Tunisia?

The Great Erg

Tunisia is covered with 40,000 square kilometers of sand desert, a large part of the Great Eastern Erg, which offers the most beautiful views of sculpted dunes. The landscape changes constantly and sometimes hides some surprises: wells blocked by sand, mountains that overlook the dunes, basins housing shrubs and bushes, or even a lake where you can see ducks and herons.

Douz and the Chott el-Jerid

The Douz region, covered with a thin white layer resembling a snowy landscape, allows you to approach the desert gently. Dunes and pleasant clusters of palm trees border the streets corroded by sand.

Douz is inhabited by the Mrazig, a population of nomadic herders, who still periodically leave their homes to find life in tents.

Besides Douz, the vast palm groves of Kebili and Deggache offer a marvelous sight of shaded areas. The sandy villages of Sabria, Nouil, and El Faouar, and their small oases seem lost in the desert of sand and a tremendous expanse of salt with shimmering reflections: the Chott El Jerid. For that matter, film production service company could provide film fixers and permits in Tunisia.

Canyons and oases

Built in the desert, Tozeur is nestled in a large oasis of several hundred thousand palm trees. The fiery light of the great south illuminates the streets of the city by crossing the alleys of the old districts.

Neftais distinguished from its neighbor by its rich Sufi tradition. It dominates a palm grove tangled like a bouquet at the bottom of a basin called Corbeille.

Chebika, Tamerza, and Midès, a mountain oasis classified among the most beautiful sites in southern Tunisia, are located a few dozen kilometers from Tozeur.

The ancient village of Tamerza, abandoned like a ghost village, dominates a magnificent landscape of mountains, its lush oasis is irrigated by the waters of a waterfall. Finally, Midès, relegated to a vertiginous canyon, offers a breathtaking spectacle. Wonderful places are waiting for you to start making your movie in filming studios in Tozeur.

South of Tunisia, a hidden beauty

Ksour and Berber villages

At the heart of an arid and mountainous landscape, high plateaus, and steep peaks, the original architecture of the Ksour is developing. Located in the middle of nowhere, similar to a rock-colored bee hive, these “Ksour” desert castles were once the gathering points of the nomads.

Some Ksour, such as Chenini and Douiret, are villages perched on breathtaking peaks, and their population still speak the Berber language.

Did you know that the South of Tunisia has a Hollywood History?

The Saga star wars are one of the most famous films that have been shot in the South of Tunisia. Thanks to this film, the region has been highlighted. The natural scenery, the villages, and their atypical architecture have been exhibited to the world. We also quote the famous “English patient” who won 9 Oscars in 1997. This film was shot in the medina of Sfax and the oasis of the mountain of Chebika.

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